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Our Story

Youth Development & Opportunities Trust (YDOT) have been running Trade Training Courses, Learning Towards Earning Programmes, Alternative Education Modules, and Life and Survival Skills Camps since 1999.
Initially a group of community-minded local people began a discussion around skills training for young people. Particularly, those who were kinaesthetic learners and needed ‘hands on’ learning projects.

Over the years YDOT has seen many young people develop knowledge and skills which have equipped them toward employment and in some cases, self-employment. It is not just about the skills being passed on but the gaining of greater self-confidence, self-respect and a feeling of achievement that have helped youth. Then they move on with a sense of value and belonging at
home, in the community, and in the workplace. The camping expeditions into the Kaikoura wilderness and the regular fun and fitness sports days were a lot of good times creating great memories and are often talked about years later by ex-students.


The Trust is made up of local Trustees who all have a vision to see Young People develop skills for life. YDOT values and supports the rights, needs and dreams of young people.

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The four colours of our logo represent the four areas of wellbeing from the Te Whare Tapa Whā model. Our aim in all that we do is to provide opportunities for young people to grow holistically and develop in all aspects of their life.

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