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Welding and Metalwork

Dates: Begins August 1 for 8 weeks. Monday and Wednesday. Cost $90
Welding Course A, 1 - 4pm.
Welding Course B, 4.30 - 7.30pm

In this course, students gain practical experience while fabricating and welding in an engineering workshop. It’s great for students who are interested in welding but not sure whether it’s the right career choice, as well as students who want to expand on their existing skills. 
Students will finish the course better prepared for a welding career, with a good understanding of the industry and available opportunities.

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Dates: Begins August 2 for 8 weeks. Tuesday and Thursday 3.30 - 6.30pm. Cost $90

In this course, students will learn carpentry skills, gain confidence using power tools and machinery, and will work on various construction projects. The Carpentry course is great preparation for a building apprenticeship, and we can support promising students to find further learning or employment opportunities.


Dates: Begins August 2 for 8 weeks. Tuesday and Thursday 1:30 - 4:30pm. Cost $90

In this course, students will learn basic vehicle repair and maintenance and how to troubleshoot car problems. This is a hands-on course and quite exciting for any budding mechanics! Students may have the opportunity to work on a project car, or may be able to work on their own cars or motorbikes.

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Gym Circuit Training

Begins August 2 for 8 weeks. Tuesday and Thursday nights 7– 8pm.
Limited places available so register early with your friends. Enrolment Fee only $10 and the 8-week course is FREE.

In this course, students will learn proper gym and workout techniques while improving their fitness in a fun group setting. This course may suit young people who are playing sport and wish to improve their fitness levels; students who want to gain a better understanding of the various types of gym equipment and how to use these; and students who wish to improve their general health and fitness. This course is a great confidence booster for all students, regardless of their current fitness level.

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Tiny Home Project

Begins August 4 for 8 weeks. Thursday 8am – 12pm. Cost $90.00

Learn some construction skills while converting a shipping container into a Tiny Home.

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